Orthopedic rehab

When people hear the term “orthopedics,” many assume it involves surgery such as shoulder, knee and hip replacement procedures. While those are certainly part of orthopedics, the practice itself encompasses the entire skeletal system and the associated muscles, joints and ligaments. Patients with orthopedic issues resulting from surgery, illness or trauma may be referred to physical rehabilitation specialists to help them recover.

Some orthopedic diagnoses like sprains, muscle strains and even some fractures may be helped by outpatient physical therapy. Others like joint replacements, amputations, multiple traumas and more severe breaks and fractures may require more intensive therapy to promote recovery. For the latter, an outpatient acute rehabilitation stay would be more appropriate.

Watch the video to learn more about Quality Care Rehabilitation Program.Watch the video to learn more about Quality Care Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program. In an acute rehabilitation hospital, like Quality Care, the patient is expected to make significant functional gains and medical improvement within a reasonable time frame. Those who are admitted to this type of orthopedic rehabilitation program are typically discharged from the hospital in eight to 11 days.

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